Where I’ve been so far


Here’s the map of where I traveled from April 15 to August 15 in 2009. Start in Pittsburgh and follow the path south. The only states of the lower 48 that I missed were the Dakotas, but I made it there in the summer of 2010 (scroll down!)

Make sure to check out this eight-minute compilation video of my summer road trip.

Scroll down further to see the list of places I’ve traveled since my trip ended.

DAY 1: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
DAY 2: Elkins, West Virginia
DAY 3: Charlottesville, Virginia
DAY 4: Man, West Virginia
DAY 5: Tazewell, Virginia
DAY 6: Charlotte, North Carolina
DAY 7: Charlotte, North Carolina
DAY 8: Abbeville, South Carolina
DAY 9: Athens, Georgia
DAY 10: Atlanta, Georgia
DAY 11: Smyrna, Georgia
DAY 13: Pigeon Forge, Tennessee
DAY 14: Knoxville, Tennessee
DAY 15: Alabaster, Alabama
DAY 16: Pensacola, Florida
DAY 17: New Orleans, Louisiana
DAY 18: New Orleans, Louisiana
DAY 19: Coldwater, Mississippi
DAY 21: Memphis, Tennessee
DAY 22: Memphis, Tennessee
DAY 23: Little Rock, Arkansas
DAY 24: Broken Bow, Oklahoma
DAY 26: Waxahachie, Texas
DAY 28: Austin, Texas
DAY 29: Austin, Texas
DAY 30: Austin, Texas
DAY 31: Austin, Texas
DAY 32: Llano, Texas
DAY 33: Artesia, New Mexico
DAY 35: Truth or Consequences, New Mexico
DAY 37: Fredonia, Arizona
DAY 38: Ute, Nevada
DAY 39: Las Vegas, Nevada
DAY 41: Death Valley, California
DAY 43: Hollywood, California
DAY 45: Hollywood Hills, California
DAY 47: Beverly Hills, California
DAY 49: San Diego, California
DAY 51: Tijuana, Mexico
DAY 53: Burbank, California
DAY 55: Los Angeles, California
DAY 57: Pacific Valley, California
DAY 59: San Francisco, California
DAY 61: Eureka, California
DAY 62: Eugene, Oregon
DAY 64: Portland, Oregon
DAY 65: Chehalis, Washington
DAY 67: Olympia, Washington
DAY 69: Seattle, Washington
DAY 70: Seattle, Washington
DAY 72: Anacortes, Washington
DAY 74: Vancouver, Canada
DAY 75: Keremeos, Canada
DAY 76: Coeur D’Alene, Idaho
DAY 77: Missoula, Montana
DAY 78: Gardiner, Montana (Yellowstone)
DAY 79: Cody, Wyoming (Yellowstone)
DAY 80: Cody, Wyoming (Yellowstone)
DAY 82: Salt Lake City, Utah
DAY 84: Silt, Colorado
DAY 85: Greeley, Colorado
DAY 87: Hiawatha, Kansas
DAY 88: Omaha, Nebraska
DAY 89: Audubon, Iowa
DAY 91: Minneapolis, Minnesota
DAY 93: Osseo, Wisconsin
DAY 95: Chicago, Illinois
DAY 97: Chicago, Illinois
DAY 99: Chicago, Illinois
DAY 100: Ann Arbor, Michigan
DAY 102: Huron, Ohio
DAY 104: Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania
DAY 106: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
DAY 108: Glasgow, Delaware
DAY 110: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
DAY 112: Asbury Park, New Jersey
DAY 114: New York, New York
DAY 115: Brooklyn, New York
DAY 117: Woonsocket, Rhode Island
DAY 118: Baldwinville, Massachusetts
DAY 120: Agawam, Massachusetts
DAY 121: Boston, Massachusetts
DAY 122: Kennebunkport, Maine
DAY 123: Bennington, Vermont
DAY 125: Niagara Falls, New York

9/14/09: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
10/6/09: Wallace, Idaho
10/23/09: Buchanan, Michigan
10/26/09: Gary, Indiana
8/27/10: Badlands, South Dakota
9/3/10: Dyersville, Iowa

9/10/10: North Dakota
9/24/10: Mt. Rushmore, South Dakota

And more to come!

4 Responses to Where I’ve been so far

  1. Desmond says:

    When are you stopping by in Michigan to visit me?

  2. rachelbirr says:

    It appears you skipped right over Boise, Idaho. How come you didn’t go through Las Vegas either?

  3. Scott says:

    I just updated the map to reflect that I did indeed go through Las Vegas and I haven’t yet reached Idaho. What’s in Boise? Desmond, I’ll be in Michigan in July, but just briefly!

  4. Rich says:

    I came across this and have been reading it…I’m up to day 100….its very entertaining and interesting….you should tell us about your van(chariot).

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