The giant mountain heads

LOCATION: Mt. Rushmore, South Dakota

Here’s the final post wrapping my week-long voyage to Wyoming last month. We stopped by Mt. Rushmore briefly, because you pretty much have to do that when you’re in the area.

And that’s about it. Once you’ve seen the heads, there’s not much else to see or do here. Especially since it’s so close to the Badlands. Why linger at Rushmore when you can go see bison and bighorn sheep nearby?

I guess with that attitude I’ll never achieve my dream of becoming the fifth head.

One Response to The giant mountain heads

  1. Love the pic :). I have read varying reviews on Mt. Rushmore. Some love it, basically for the work and nostalgia that it creates, others hate what it has become, paved and overwhelmingly accessible. I am of the firm belief that Mt. Rushmore is definitely one of the “must see” on the list of things to do and that instead of making judgments, visit first. I would recommend though, fourth of july as a great time to visit if you want to truly be awed. Glad you stopped, no matter what time of year!

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