One year ago: Las Vegas, Nevada

Original post: Day 39: I’m not addicted to blackjack – I’m addicted to sitting in a semicircle

Last year at this time I was gambling away a whole $10 in Vegas. Jason was with me for that part of the trip. I played the Press Your Luck slot machine. It was not as fun as the game show, unfortunately.

There were extravagant flower arrangements inside some of the casinos.

An out-of-focus shot of Jason gambling.

We didn’t actually go inside this casino. You might’ve guessed the casino’s name – New York New York.

There were billboard vans that did nothing but drive around the block advertising hot babes.

This was a gambling amphitheater with restaurants and casinos. At night they showed light shows on the roof.

I don’t think I wrote about this before. This is the flip side of the Vegas glitz and glamour: Tent cities, all over Vegas, where homeless people live on the sidewalk.

I wasn’t a huge fan of Las Vegas, but I’d go back.

One Response to One year ago: Las Vegas, Nevada

  1. Marv Martian says:

    Its a shame I didn’t know you were coming to Vegas. I could have taken you around and shown you all the cool parts like Red Rock Canyon, Lake Mead, Desert national wildlife refuge, Parhanagat wildlife area and the park in Boulder City where you can actually just sit in a pavilion and watch the big horn sheep graze on the grass ten feet away from you. Let me know if you ever come back. I am a certified NV naturalist and love showing people the wonder of Vegas outside of casinos.

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