Another look: Florida panhandle

Original post: Day 16: I’d rather be at the beach

I only spent five hours in Florida. I just wanted to do a quick drive-by on the way to New Orleans. So on the morning of April 28 I left southern Alabama and headed for Pensacola.

The northern panhandle of Florida wasn’t much to see. I took very few pictures. I spotted a man riding a horse on the sidewalk. I thought that was odd.

The Pensacola welcome sign features some sort of wacky fish:

Because of strong waves, nobody was allowed in the water. That, and the fact that it was 10 am on a Tuesday morning, meant the beach was pretty much deserted. It looked like this:

After the beach, I got an oil change at the nearest cheap oil change place. Then I headed to New Orleans for four memorable days. I’d like to spend more time in Florida someday, especially Miami or the Florida Keys. But on this trip there was no way I could drive all the way down there.

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