Another look: The Grand Canyon

Original postThere is a canyon, and it is grand

It’s time for more pics from the Grand Canyon. There’s no reason to sit on these since I have so many.

Another shot of me while hiking down in the canyon.

My friend Jason was with me at the canyon. Here he stands in front of the walkway which leads down to the best overlook point.

We stayed at the nearby Demotte Campground so we could get two days at the canyon.The campground still had snow on the ground in May.

We hiked into the canyon on the forested side.

A couple of dead trees at the top pf the canyon.

A sunset shot of a single tree.

Another shot of the rare California condor at the canyon, from farther away. He’s on the right side of the photo.

And here’s a new video clip, a brief panorama from the North Rim of the Grand Canyon.

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  1. limewire says:

    shoot sweet story bro.

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