Another look: Farm country USA

Original post: Day 87: All’s quiet in the heartland

I spent a great deal of time in farm country, starting in West Virginia, and then through Arkansas, and then again in Nebraska and Kansas. It was fun to drive through low-population areas on two-lane highways with few people around, nothing but fields of corn.

Farm country in New Mexico was quite different. These animals live on land that is bone dry.

The emu farm in Texas was one of my favorites.

3 Responses to Another look: Farm country USA

  1. keilan says:

    It’s too bad I didn’t take you to the farmland my dad leases when you were in TN. You could have fed the calves and done some real farmerly work.

  2. Scott says:

    Ooh, that would have been fun. I’ll put that on my list – something to accomplish next time.

  3. Emu Farming says:

    Miss those emu farms in Texas. This one is looking really happy. Is this the sugarmaple farm?

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