Another look: Little Rock, Arkansas

Original post: Two days in Arkansas

I spent a couple of fun days in Little Rock. The great tourist attraction was Bill Clinton’s Presidential Library.

They had a display of the saxophones he had in the White House.

Another view of the Oval Office setup, which was recreated to look exactly like it was during Clinton’s presidency.

From the top of the library, visitors can see the Little Rock skyline.

When I first wrote about Little Rock I neglected to mention that I visited a historic site – Little Rock Central High. This is the school the “Little Rock Nine” attended. They were the group of nine black students who integrated the school in 1957 and had to receive National Guard protection because the state’s governor didn’t want to let them through the school’s doors.

The school is still used today. I drove past and got a picture.

I don’t remember what this building was but I like it. It was one of the buildings on the riverfront.

2 Responses to Another look: Little Rock, Arkansas

  1. msp says:

    Hey, I just wanted to say I love reading your blog. What a great trip you had…I wish I could do an awesome roadtrip like that. Thanks for all the cool pics and neat info!

  2. Scott says:

    Thanks for reading!

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