I see dead people: All the cemeteries I visited

My recent trek to Andy Warhol’s grave site got me thinking about all the cemeteries I saw during my 46-state trip. There were a ton. So here’s a pictorial recap (with several photos I haven’t published before.)

Very early in the trip I was hiking in a park in West Virginia and ran across a former Civil War grave. That was a quality historical find on just my third day of the voyage.

I’ve written already about some of the above-ground cemeteries in poor regions of New Orleans.

After Katrina, many of the bones surfaced. They’re still there.

A World War II vet’s unfortunate final resting place.

New Orleans also had a more upscale above-ground cemetery, which houses voodoo queen Marie Laveau. People leave all sorts of trinkets outside her grave.

In Memphis, it was off to Graceland, to see the graves of some dude named Elvis and his family.

In western Texas we found a mostly abandoned cemetery called Montvale.

That was it on the cemetery front until Providence, Rhode Island. Roger Williams Park provided a number of interesting scenes.

Boston has a super-historic cemetery right in the middle of downtown.

Among the luminaries on these hallowed grounds were John Hancock and Paul Revere.

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