I want another shot at the Deep South

I’ve been tentatively planning a week-long road trip to Alabama and Mississippi in January or February.

I feel that I was robbed of experiencing the Deep South on my road trip, due to time constraints and spending extra time in New Orleans. So I want to go back. And winter is the perfect time. Because it will be a lot warmer there than it is in Chicago.

My travel van is still in working order. And if I couchsurf, the trip shouldn’t be too expensive. There are definitely some historical civil rights sites worth checking out and some interesting blues museums, but really I just want to experience the small towns and see what life is like there. And have some good food at local restaurants.

I’m itching to travel again already…

2 Responses to I want another shot at the Deep South

  1. Kim (from cs) says:

    i would be interested in a trip to the south. i have never been there! send me a message on couchsurfing if you decide to go through with this!

  2. Scott says:

    Will do 🙂

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