Another look: Roswell, New Mexico

Original post: Day 33: Caverns and aliens in New Mexico

Roswell was an interesting town. I thought the UFO Museum & Research Center was unintentionally hilarious. It looked like it hadn’t been changed since the 1970s. They had displays on this kind of plasterboard with holes that I haven’t seen in decades. Don’t you think it’s time to modernize your museum a little?

Most of their display consisted of newspaper clippings, maps and other items that aren’t really impressive in a museum setting.

Their best exhibit was part of the set from the Showtime TV movie Roswell.

Their gift shop provided a number of interesting items. Alien golf balls, anyone?

The rest of the town seemed like just another normal small town. Except most of the businesses try to capitalize on the alien fever. Like the “Not Of This World” coffee shop.

I wonder what it would be like to live in a small town where half of the people you see each day are tourists. I guess we should’ve talked to some of the locals for their perspective. Maybe next time!

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