Another look: The San Diego Zoo

Original post:  Day 49: Strange creature overload

I visited the San Diego Zoo this summer and saw all sorts of animals I never thought I’d see. Click the link above for my original post, with photos of a panda, koala, hippo, elephant, zebra, rhino, tiger, bear, monkey, camel, giraffe, and komodo dragon.

That list only scratches the surface of all the animals I saw, so here comes another batch of pics. Click the thumbnails for the large versions.

A nifty pic I took while standing inside the koala exhibit looking out (not really, it just looks that way.)

This was cool – a living desert. They brought in a bunch of plant species from Madagascar.

They have polar bears at the San Diego Zoo! Skinny, weird-looking polar bears.

The cheetah was kept behind a pane of glass.

There was a peacock just wandering around loose throughout the zoo grounds.

This is something called the guanaco, a relative of the llama.

These things are called chacoan peccaries. The sign referred to them as “ice age relics.” They huddled together in this ditch since it was a cold day.


Another panda, playing in his pen.

A huge orangutan snacks on cabbage while kids look on.

Some sort of yellow snake.

They had donkeys we were allowed to pet. I did, and it was filthy. I had to immediately find a bathroom to clean my hands.

There was one scary, large black cat, a jaguar or puma. But it stayed back in its cage. I was only able to get this picture of the cat behind the fence.

These were called Bornean bearded pigs.

A few turtles were in a tank next to the hippo tank.

I think the San Diego Zoo has spoiled me for all other zoos, forever.

2 Responses to Another look: The San Diego Zoo

  1. Jason says:

    I agree, SD Zoo is the best I’ve ever been too. I took some really nice photos there. I’ve got to post some to FB and my blog. Poor neglected blog.

  2. Scott says:

    Yes, you should post them!

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