I played disc golf on the road

Frisbee golf is one of my favorite solo sports. Thanks to the Professional Disc Golf Association’s website, I was able to find disc golf courses all over the place.

I ended up playing four times. Here’s the recap of my efforts.

Game 1: Charlotte, North Carolina
At some place called Reedy Creek Park I located a great disc golf course. This one was very popular – a lot of people were there. And it was challenging, at least for a relative beginner like me. I shot +28 on the 18-hole course. I made two pars, which I celebrated as if they were holes-in-one.

My tee shot on #17 went awry. I shook the tree and got it down.


Game 2: South Carolina?
This frisbee golf game was unplanned. I was driving through some back roads, I think in South Carolina, and stumbled upon a park with a disc golf course. It was early, around 9 am, and no one else was there. I took no pictures and I don’t remember my score.

Game 3: Dallas, Texas
In Dallas I found a disc golf park at BB Owen Park. This was a well-designed park with 18 holes. I took a photo of the course, which came in handy because it was sometimes hard to figure out which was the next hole.

This was an extremely challenging course. Here’s the view from the first tee. You have to go across a creek, through a small opening between trees.

I shot +20 over 18 holes, a better score than I posted in Charlotte. I made my first birdie ever and also made a 20-foot par. I took a photo of where I was when I threw the frisbee, because that 20-foot shot was my longest ever. The flag is right in the middle:

Game 4: Austin, Texas
In Austin, Jason and I hit a disc golf course on our way out of town. It was a fun course, with water hazards and really long holes.

4 Responses to I played disc golf on the road

  1. Is the picture from Austin at Pease Park by chance? That’s a fun course. Cool pictures by the way.

  2. Jason says:

    Yeah, I think this was Pease Park. It was pretty grueling, the humidity didn’t help much either. Good thing we went early when it was still relatively early. I have to say it was more fun than I expected.

  3. Jason says:

    …relatively cool, I meant.

  4. Golfakademie says:

    Oh nice game to hear does you using the common disc we are using for playing or there is any other verities?

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