Another look: Alabama

Original post: Day 15: Just the good old boys, never meanin no harm

I only devoted two paragraphs of the entire blog to Alabama, so it’s time to revisit that state.

I spent one day, about five hours, in Alabama, and it was entirely on the freeway heading south towards Pensacola. I passed by towns called Arkadelphia and Warrior. I encountered a traffic jam outside of Birmingham, which struck me as odd.

I regret not having enough time to visit some of the small towns in the deep south, but that’s the way it was. My only stop in Alabama was a rest stop. The rest stop had some sort of space shuttle on display.

This perplexed me… could it possibly be an actual rocket that was flown into space? I read the sign, and was still confused. Evidently, this rocket was part of a series, and one of the rockets in the series went to the moon, but not this one. So this rocket is kind of historic… or not.

So I got to touch a rocket that sort of, possibly, might’ve flown into space. Except it didn’t.

I enjoyed the small-town water towers. Here’s one from Flomaton, Alabama, near the Florida border. I’m including this because it’s the only other picture I have from the state. Thus concludes our Alabama retrospective!

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