Odd vehicles and weird drivers

Here are a few more odd sights I encountered while driving.

In San Francisco, I got extreme van envy when I saw someone driving this around:


One of the craziest things I saw was a car swerving all over the parkway in Tennessee. It turns out the driver was reading a newspaper. Not a folded over newspaper, either – I’m talking about a full spread-out paper, covering the entire wheel. It was pretty much the most reckless thing ever (except maybe for the blogger who felt the need to take a photo of that guy while driving.)


This yellow car in Georgia was one of my favorite cars on the road.


Houses on wheels freak me out.


At first, I wanted to take photos of license plates everywhere, so by the end of the trip I’d have a photo of each state’s license plate. But then I lost interest. I did end up seeing all 50 state licenses, though. In Washington I saw a bunch of Alaska plates.


In the Northwest I saw a few of these Zapcars. I’m trying to understand the physics of a three-wheeled car. Wouldn’t it tip over if you go around a turn too fast?


A witty window sticker from Idaho:


The best vehicle I saw on the road was this All-American truck in Knoxville. Something tells me this guy watches Glenn Beck and attends tea party rallies!


One Response to Odd vehicles and weird drivers

  1. heidi says:

    I like your odd vehicles collection.

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