Two autumn days in Michigan


Current location: Buchanan, Michigan

During my summer jaunt I found great joy in secluding myself for a day or two in campgrounds. So with the hustle and bustle of the city taking over my life, and with winter fast approaching, I decided to take 48 hours and head to western Michigan at a deserted campground. No internet, no human contact.

It was nice to be back inside the van in a campground.


I brought my winterized sleeping bag which can keep me warm down to 30 degrees, but the weather was nicer than that. Because it got dark so early (7:30 pm), and I’ve been staying up til 2 am lately, sleeping was a tricky adjustment. On the first night, I went to bed at 8, then woke up and it was still dark. I looked at my phone, expecting it be 3 or 4 am, only to find it was 11:58. Not even midnight yet.

The next day I did a lot of reading, practiced some volleyball setting and golf tee shots, and did some hiking.

The autumn leaves were full of color.


I spotted a birds nest that had fallen out of a tree. It was amazing how sturdy it was and how intricately woven together the sticks were.


On one hike I stumbled upon an abandoned building. It literally felt like I was in the movie Jeepers Creepers, stumbling upon an old house by myself in the woods. It was one of those moments in horror movies where the characters say, “Let’s go investigate that place!”, while you as a viewer are screaming, “No! Don’t do it!”


So I chose the second option and opted not to investigate. Otherwise, it was a quiet couple of days and I feel refreshed.

2 Responses to Two autumn days in Michigan

  1. keilan says:

    how quaint.

  2. conor says:

    Do you take these photos yourself? They are really good!

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