Moving pictures: Assorted video clips from my trip

When I began my 4-month journey, I imagined that I’d be taking videos everywhere, which I could later stitch together into some sort of movie. But I ended up not having the time, nor the space on my computer, to follow through.

I did take a handful of videos here and there, mostly less than 60 seconds long. Here are some assorted clips that provide a taste of everything I saw.

Yellowstone: The bison are not afraid of your vehicle, even if it’s a huge travel van like mine. Watch this guy stare me down and wait until I stop before waddling away. Taken on day one in Yellowstone.

Atlanta, Georgia: The hailstorm of the century. Like a responsible driver, I pulled out my camera and started filming while racing down the freeway.

New Orleans, Louisiana: A jazz celebration in the streets, outside a tavern that was having a going-out-of-business party.

Grand Canyon, Arizona: Brief footage of the California condor we saw at the North Rim of the canyon. It wasn’t moving much.

Pensacola, Florida: It’s the Gulf of Mexico! The surf was deemed too dangerous, so we weren’t allowed in the water.

Jersey City, New Jersey: At the All Points West music festival, Ghostland Observatory perform “Vibrate.”

Portland, Oregon: Hundreds of riders at the start of the World Naked Bike Ride. You can’t see much, because it was midnight.

San Diego, California: A komodo dragon at the zoo! I love this animal. It’s one of the few animals that will kill and devour humans.

Yellowstone: Trudging through snow in late June, at nearly 10,000 feet on Mount Washburn.

Austin, Texas: The hallowed capitol grounds.

White Sands, New Mexico: You can see there’s absolutely nothing here except for white sand.

La Jolla, California: A seal comes out of the water to join dozens of others on the beach.

Crescent City, California: A lone elk grazing in a yard near Redwoods National Park.

Seattle, Washington: The downtown skyline as seen from the ferry to Bainbridge Island.

One Response to Moving pictures: Assorted video clips from my trip

  1. keilan says:

    Loved the moving pictures, especially in New Orleans.

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