Stuff I didn’t blog about the first time: Wallace, Idaho


I just read an article on Yahoo! about the 10 coolest small towns in America. As I was reading through the list, the name of one town rang a bell: Wallace, Idaho.

I thought, could Wallace be that cute, quaint little town I passed through on my way to Montana? I went back through my photos, and sure enough, it was.

I don’t remember why I stopped in Wallace. Either I needed food or gas, or my GPS led me astray. But I do remember driving through the town very quickly, snapping a couple of photos, and getting back on the highway.

Wallace was nestled in between mountains, and it really was surprising to see such an old little town in a place like Idaho. Whenever I drive through small towns, I like to ask myself, Could I live here? I honestly don’t remember what my answer to that question was for Wallace, but I do remember getting excited by the presence of a video arcade.


The main street of the business district seemed to have a lot going on.


Somewhere after leaving Wallace on the way to Montana I was greeted by a rainbow.


I don’t know if I would call Wallace one of the coolest small towns in America, but it’s interesting enough for a visit if you happen to be passing by.

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