Chicago just has way too much to do


Current location: Chicago, Illinois

I noted during several of my blog posts that I was considering moving to Chicago. Well, here I am, in Uptown, just blocks from Wrigley Field.


Chicago is pretty freaking amazing. I moved here at the beginning of September and I’ve been blown away by how much there is to do at night. Chicago has to be the world’s festival capital. During the summer, there are often multiple free festivals happening around the city on the same weekend!

My first weekend here, I went to the Jazz Fest (free). The next weekend, it was the Celtic Fest (free). Next weekend, there’s a country music festival with Miranda Lambert (free). It just never ends!


Here’s what I did on a recent Tuesday. Stopped off at a Carbon Day festival (which provided information on living in an environmentally-friendly manner), then headed to the Adler Planetarium (which had exhibits on space travel and the solar system), then stopped by the beach on Lake Michigan and spent a couple hours there on a glorious, 85-degree September day. All of it was free! How many cities have this much to do, for free, on a Tuesday? And I didn’t even pay for transportation because I biked everywhere – Chicago is one the most bike-friendly cities I’ve found.


I moved to Chicago because I wanted a place that had more to do than Pittsburgh, and I got my wish. The one downside is that, while Chicago has a ton of great concerts, they are a lot more expensive than the ones in Pittsburgh. Perhaps I’ll have to leverage my music blog to try to get in free to some of these. In the meantime, I can’t justify paying $75 for Kylie Minogue, $40 for Ani DiFranco, or $25 for Andrew WK.

The Chicago couchsurfing group holds weekly meetings and I’ve attended a few and started to meet people. I also joined the Chicago Sport & Social league. I’m playing on a touch football team. So far, I have two touchdown catches in two games. Just call me T.O.!

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