Another look: Small-town West Virginia


Original post: Day 2: Take me home, country roads

Some of my favorite memories of my trip are the early days spent in the small towns of West Virginia. As the trip went on and I moved west, the small towns became few and far between.

Elkins was an interesting little place. I don’t know who that is on that horse, but it’s an eye-catching statue right in the middle of town.


One of the first clues that I was no longer in the big city was seeing the parking garage prices. A dollar a day? Fifteen bucks a month? In big cities you’d pay that much for a single day!


I love this billboard. Who knew that Kentucky Fried Chicken brings family and friends back together?


Morrison’s Drive-Inn was a nifty place to grab an incredibly unhealthy dinner. The onion rings were gloriously greasy.


This Salvation Army in Williamson got me excited, because I’ve found that the smaller the town, the better the thrift store. But sadly, this one was closed.


Sometimes I think it would be fun to live in a tiny town like this. Where you’d have one drug store, one fast food joint, one department store, like the Magic Mart.


But of course, that would be silly. I couldn’t take more than a couple weeks here. Visting is just fine.

2 Responses to Another look: Small-town West Virginia

  1. dennis51 says:

    Hey Scott,
    You probably know by now the statue in Elkins WV is called the Iron Horse and is used for directions by the locals. The guy on the horse is Henry Gassaway Davis. Successful business man, politician, donated the property for Davis and Elkins College. The College gets its name from Davis and his son-in-law (you guessed it Elkins – local family name). Davis Coal and Coke Company was at one time one of the largest companies in the world. Mr. Davis was a senator and was the oldest vice presidential candidate… his ticket lost to Teddy Roosevelt.
    Any way he is locally a famous dude.
    Hope you enjoy the information.
    Sincerely an old guy from WV. Now in Guatemala as a missionary. Check us out at
    Dennis McCutcheon

  2. Scott says:

    Thanks for the info!

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