Another look: White Sands, New Mexico


Original post: Day 35: Somebody stop me before I move to Albuquerque

I’d never heard of White Sands but Jason suggested it as a place to check out, and I’m glad we did. This national park is located near Alamogordo. The ground in this area is composed of gypsum sand, which is rarely found in nature because rain dissolves it. But it rarely rains here.

There is no water in the park, so you have to bring your own water in. There’s also very little vegetation, except for a few shrubs and trees whose roots tunnel down well below the sand to what little water is down there.

The welcome center is the last thing you see that has any color.


This photo shows part of the park’s nature trail. Seriously. Look at all the nature!


This was the most heavily-forested area of the park.


This park actually rents sleds, in case the kids want to sled ride down the hill. But that’s a ripoff. We saw a couple people trying to sled down the hill and it’s just not slippery enough. You can’t make it all the way down.

I tried to make it look like I was falling down the hill.


White Sands was a fun way to spend a couple of hours. If you happen to be in the area of Carlsbad, Roswell, or Las Cruces, it might be worth making the trip down here.

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