Another look: The ghost town of Rhyolite, Nevada

August 29, 2009


Original post: Day 41: Ghosts and death (valley)

Visiting a ghost town is something I really wanted to do. Jason and I discovered the ghost town of Rhyolite and headed there on our way to Death Valley. Here are some additional photos that we never published.


It’s amazing that people actually lived here once. Even today, there is absolutely nothing around the area except desert.


Markers have been posted showing what the buildings used to look like, so you can contrast that with what you see today.


Me inside one of the old houses. I wonder if the ghosts were watching me.


They built the bank pretty sturdy – the vault is still intact 100 years later.


It’s not accurate to say there is no life in Rhyolite. The lizards are enjoying themselves!


It was a little eerie being in a place that once used to be a bustling village and is now abandoned. But it was well worth the stop.