Grand Teton: The park I didn’t bother blogging about

August 26, 2009


Here’s where I start blogging about some of the stuff I didn’t have time to write about while I was traveling. Think of these posts as the B-sides of the summer traveling experience.

First up is Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming. After three days in Yellowstone, I passed through Grand Teton on my way south to Salt Lake City. I spent time hiking at Jenny Lake. Fortunately, I didn’t have to pay extra because Grand Teton and Yellowstone admissions are combined – you pay a one-time fee of $25 and that gives you access to both parks for a week.


I did not enjoy Grand Teton at all, but I have to qualify that statement. During my three days in Yellowstone I saw crazy amounts of wildlife, and even saw a bear while hiking, so my expectations were super-high. I went on a hike through Grand Teton, didn’t see any wildlife, and left disappointed and bitter. Yellowstone spoiled me! I was especially interested in seeing moose, since that’s one creature I hadn’t seen in Yellowstone. I went to all the typical moose-watching spots in Teton but came up empty.

I think if I had gone to Grand Teton before Yellowstone instead of after, I would’ve enjoyed it more. The one thing Teton had to offer was picturesque scenery, in the form of massive mountains. The tallest, called Grand Teton, is 13,700 feet high.


There’s a lookout point near the town of Jackson Hole, Wyoming. The hill from Grand Teton to Jackson Hole was the steepest I climbed buring my entire 16,700 miles. I don’t know how the semis manage to drive on it!