Day 123: Flamboyant moose in Vermont


DAY 123: Bennington, Vermont
Miles traveled: 16,110
States visited: 46 (just added: Vermont)
Weather: 81, mostly cloudy

Most of the highways in New Hampshire and Vermont are two-lane roads, so there’s plenty to see. One town has a Sauerkraut Festival, if you can believe that. And we just missed it! Sauerkraut is the new bacon, if you ask me.


We drove through the Green Mountains in Vermont. They’re pretty… green. I don’t know who Molly Stark is, but we followed her trail most of the way.


We noticed a bunch of moose crossing signs and I got excited, because moose is the one major animal I never saw in Yellowstone. So I kept slowing down at all the small marshes and rivers. But we still didn’t see any moose.

One small town had about a dozen colorful moose statues all around, as if to mock me.


After Vermont we headed into eastern New York and drove through really rural Amish areas. I have some distant Amish relatives in New York, so maybe I encountered family without knowing it. The Amish were growing sunflowers, among other things.


I wanted to get a close-up picture of some sheep. A while back when I approached a fenced-in cow farm, the cows all lumbered towards my vehicle and I got some great pictures. I thought this might work with sheep as well. So I drove alongside their pen and started screaming, HEY SHEEP! to get their attention, which cracked me and Robin up. The sheep didn’t respond though.


Just one more day left and this summer road trip is history!

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