Day 122: George W is not allowed out of the yard


DAY 122: Kennebunkport, Maine
Miles traveled: 15,991
States visited: 45 (just added: New Hampshire, Maine)
Weather: 73, overcast

After leaving Boston we headed up the Atlantic coast through New Hampshire and into Maine. New Hampshire has a lot historical markers, but most of them are kinda stupid. Who cares about Old Landing Road?


We passed a restaurant called Abercrombie & Finch. Looks like someone’s trying to capitalize on a familiar name!


Maine was all about lobster. We wanted to get a lobster roll to get in the spirit, but the cheapest one we saw was $14.99, and that was simply not in our budget, so it was Wendy’s instead.

When I saw that we would be driving near Kennebunkport, the famous vacation town of both Bush presidents, I had to go there. It turns out that you can get shockingly close to the Bush compound. Close enough to throw a baseball and break one of their windows. But no one would want to do such a thing, of course.

Their compound is easily viewable from a nearby road. On this day, no one seemed to be home except for someone cruising around their driveway on a bicycle. Maybe George W. enjoying a joyride?


We thought about going to Portland but I decided to conserve gas & mileage as we wind down the trip. Tomorrow we cruise into Vermont, the 46th and final state on the epic journey!


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