Day 120: Six flags shenanigans!


DAY 120: Agawam, Massachusetts
Miles traveled: 15,701
States visited: 43
Weather: 80, sunny, perfect

After 120 days, I finally made it to a theme park! Six Flags New England, in Massachusetts. Admission is expensive but we bought tickets online and got in for the kids’ price.


They had really long lines for a few big coasters. The biggest was Superman’s Bizarro. This ride goes through a tunnel of dry ice steam and past two large flame shooters, but I didn’t think it was as good as the Steel Phantom at Kennywood – it wasn’t as fast.


Six Flags is militant about people not taking pictures on the rides.


They had a couple of coasters with no floor, where the track is above your head and your feet dangle. These are my favorite kind. You feel much more wide open and free on these rides.


We also went on the Cyclone, an old wooden coaster that feels so rickety that you think the whole thing is going to collapse. That’s a good time!

Six Flags has tie-ins with a bunch of different corporate groups, so you see Batman and Superman and Wonder Woman all over the place, and then you see Bugs Bunny and Porky Pig too.


We spent way too much on food there, but how could you not when the cheapest lunch available is $8.99? (Though I certainly didn’t need to indulge in that $4.50 snow cone…)


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