Day 117: Can you believe Rhode Island calls itself ‘The Ocean State’?


DAY 117: Woonsocket, Rhode Island
Miles traveled: 15,618
States visited: 42 (just added: Connecticut, Rhode Island)
Weather: 88, hot

After leaving New York City we stopped off in New Haven, Connecticut, and then proceeded to Providence, Rhode Island. Both are major college towns, but frankly I’m becoming bored with college towns. I’ve seen dozens on this trip. I’ve had enough pizza shops and brewpubs and grassy campus parks.

We walked by Yale’s campus briefly. In the park someone created a rock mural showing the number of people killed for every month the U.S. has been in Iraq.


Robin blatantly violated New Haven’s no standing ordinance.


In Rhode Island we decided to investigate whether they had one of those super cheap movie theaters, and it turns out they do. Not only that, but the day we visited was the special discount day, where tickets are discounted from their usual price of $1.99 to just $1!

The selection of movies wasn’t so hot. We settled on Jack Black’s Year One, which was actually decent. His sidekick played by Michael Cera was pretty funny. And for $1 it was a steal.

In Providence is Roger Williams Park, supposedly one of the largest urban parks in the country. It has a bunch of lakes, a zoo, a casino, and a cemetery, which we found fascinating. Either Gilbert Barks is still alive at age 120, or he decided to bury himself elsewhere. Come on, Gilbert Barks, your wife is waiting!


Edgar “The Big O” Ortega has a pimped-out tombstone, with a photo carved in it that shows him standing next to his truck. I wonder if this is the future of tombstones.


This epic trip is winding down… just one more week to go. Boston, here we come!

3 Responses to Day 117: Can you believe Rhode Island calls itself ‘The Ocean State’?

  1. Keilan says:

    Gilbert Barks. Wouldn’t it be funny if his name entered our popular lexicon: “Last night my friend Tina totally pulled a Gilbert Barks. Bitch kept me waiting for more than four hours.”

  2. scott says:

    Great idea! Let’s start the trend.

  3. Anonymous says:

    This is a little late given the date of your post, but Edgar was killed in Providence. His head was stomped in by an angry clubber.

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