Day 108: Delaware, you’re so cute and small

July 29, 2009


DAY 108: Glasgow, Delaware
Miles traveled: 14,748
States visited: 38 (just added: Maryland, Delaware)
Weather: 92, hot

Robin and I spent the past two days passing through central and eastern PA with brief visits to Maryland and Delaware.

We spent the first evening in State College, hanging out with Diana and Gerard, friends we’d met in Pittsburgh. I went to Penn State for a couple years so it was nice to be back in my old stomping grounds.

Downtown State College still has that statue of pigs. I never could figure out why.


We all had dinner at this bar/restaurant that had insane Monday specials – the burgers were half off and Yuengling drafts were 99 cents. Score! Then it was off to Chumley’s, a bar I spent a lot of time at circa 2002. The bartender I remembered still works there. “Same shit, different year,” she said. Then I overheard this conversation between patrons: “What brings you to town?” “Marijuana.” It was nice that some things in this town never change.

We stopped at the creamery and the nittany lion shrine.


On the way to Maryland, we passed through downtown Lancaster. We did not see any Amish, but we did see a bunch of weirdly named establishments, like a Mexican cafe called Senorita Burrita. They also have a minor league ballpark named Clipper Magazine Stadium. I can’t believe Clipper Magazine has its name on a park.


In Maryland we pretty much never left the expressway. We didn’t spend much time in Delaware, either, but we did stop at something called Lums Pond State Park. Unfortunately, they charge an entry fee, so we turned around and left. What is up with these states charging entry fees for parks? Come on, allow your citizens to enjoy the forests and ponds for free!

The best sight in Delaware was a Chick Fila with a giant inflatable cow.


Finally, in Ridley Park, Pennsylvania, near the Delaware border, we found an establishment called Chill Out, which has 124 flavors of soft serve. Of course we had to stop in. I was intrigued by the peanut butter & jelly flavor, but opted for banana cinnamon instead. Robin got coconut custard pie. I never imagined there could be so many flavors of soft serve. Now I’ve seen the light.