Day 106: Hey yinz guys, I’m in the Burgh!

July 27, 2009


DAY 106: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Miles traveled: 14,578
States visited: 36
Weather: 78, sunny

This weekend I was back on the homefront, on the South Side of Pittsburgh. I got to sleep in my own bed and went to some of my favorite local hangouts – Dee’s and Belvedere’s. I played volleyball for the first time since April, then had dinner at Big Jim’s, a great dive bar/restaurant in Greenfield. And I pretended like I know how to play music.


Today I leave for the final leg of the journey. My friend and former roomie Robin will be my traveling companion on this part of the trip. We’ve gone to New York City, Tennessee, and Toronto together in the past so this will be another to add to our list of adventures.

One of my favorite things about coming home is that it gives me a chance to refresh my wardrobe. I’ve been so tired of wearing the same 7 shirts for the past few months… now some other clothes finally get a chance in the spotlight!

The fifth and final leg of my journey will take me through 10 more states. The route is subject to change – we’re just starting to think about maybe trying to squeeze in Montreal – but here’s the projected path for now, starting in Pittsburgh:


I haven’t figured out the best way to end the trip with a bang. Maybe Niagara Falls and Lake Erie on the same day?

Next up is a visit to my old stomping grounds, Penn State University.