Day 104: Back in the falls!

July 25, 2009


DAY 104: Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania
Miles traveled: 14,453
States visited: 36
Weather: 77, heavy rain

After more than three months, I’m finally back home for a brief visit. I spent a couple days with family in Beaver County, where I grew up. It is always fun to come back because I spent more than 20 years here, so every single road and place of business I drive past has some memory associated with it.

I drove through Beaver Falls, the town I graduated from. Not much has changed.


I always stop at the Salvation Army there because they usually have a great selection, but I didn’t find anything good this time. No wait, I did make one purchase – a “Love Songs Of The ’80s” cassette tape for $1. More music to listen to in the van! I met up with my friend Pokey to play tennis. After half an hour it started pouring down rain but we were ridiculous and kept playing until the lightning came.

I always have to stop at The Brighton Hot Dog Shoppe whenever I’m in Beaver County. It’s a local institution. I wonder why they haven’t expanded beyond the county. Those chili fries could have nationwide appeal!

I’ll be in western PA until Monday, when I begin the final leg of the journey!