Day 102: The true spirit of Detroit is a punch to the face

July 23, 2009


DAY 102: Huron, Ohio
Miles traveled: 14,288
States visited: 36 (just added: Ohio)
Weather: 70, showers

Yesterday I entered Ohio. I had planned to stop in Columbus, but I wanted to get home a day earlier so I skipped it and headed straight across the state.

Before heading to Ohio I spent a few hours in Detroit. Apparently there’s a tunnel from Detroit to Windsor, Canada. I did not know this.


Even the statues in Detroit gaze longingly across the lake at Canada.


In downtown there’s a giant statue of the arm of boxer Joe Louis. It’s called the “Spirit of Detroit” statue. I love that the true spirit of Detroit is a punch to the face.


Next it was off to the Motown Museum. This place has so much potential but it fell short of my expectations. The tour was way too short – only 15 minutes, three of which were taken up by the guide teaching us a Temptations dance routine. They barely even mentioned Michael Jackson. Hello! Michael is the guy everyone is coming to the museum for these days!

There was also no photography allowed. So, unlike Sun Studios, where I was able to provide a photo of me posing with Elvis’ microphone, I can only offer photos of the outside of the building.


It’s still worth visiting this museum, because there was a ton of history here. The building is actually Berry Gordy’s old house, and all of the Motown songs by the Jackson 5, Supremes, Smokey Robinson, Stevie Wonder, and others were recorded in this very place.

Next up, it’s back to Pittsburgh for a couple days, before starting the final leg of the journey!