Day 93: Do-nothing weekends are great

July 14, 2009


DAY 93: Osseo, Wisconsin
Miles traveled: 13,307
States visited: 32 (just added: Wisconsin)
Weather: 84, sunny

I had two days in Wisconsin, so I thought about visiting Madison, Milwaukee or Green Bay. But I decided I’d prefer to find a secluded campground and chill out instead. I’m really enjoying staying at campgrounds between major cities. It’s a nice change of pace to slow down and sit around and do nothing but read and relax.

They had a volleyball court. I haven’t played volleyball once on this trip, and I’m suffering withdrawal. So I played by myself. I practiced spikes and digs off the net. This was the first time I’ve ever photographed myself playing volleyball and I was pleased to see that I have textbook form.

While reading inside the van, a deer strolled past. This happened in Yellowstone too. The deer doesn’t see me inside the van and I get to observe it for a couple minutes, until it wanders away. A rare opportunity at observing a deer up close in the wild! Hopefully it didn’t give me lyme disease.


I read a couple hundred pages of the Warhol diaries. I’m now on page 615 of 800. I’ve made it to 1984, so now Andy’s talking about his encounters with Madonna, Michael Jackson, Liberace, Sean Lennon, and all these other fascinating people.

There was a creepy guy in the campground who kept coming around and bugging me. He looked like a guy who’s on the run from the cops trying to disguise himself with overgrown facial hair and a hat. He seemed possibly dangerous but I think he was really just a little mentally challenged. He offered to share his hamburgers; I declined.

Unfortunately I missed the House on the Rock. But I’m refreshed after my two days in the woods and now I’m headed to Chicago!