Day 77: I saw a bear… statue


DAY 77: Missoula, Montana
Miles traveled: 10,024
States visited: 24 (just added: Montana)
Weather: 78, sunny

Astute blog readers may have picked up on the fact that occasionally I write blog entries ahead of time. WordPress, like most blogging platforms, has a Schedule feature that allows you to write a post in advance, then have it magically appear later at your desired time. This is one of those posts. It may not be live, but it’s close enough – just think of it like watching the Olympics on tape delay.

By the time you read this I should be deep in the heart of Yellowstone National Park. Hopefully I haven’t been eaten by a bear. Here’s how you can tell – if I come back next week and start blogging again, I haven’t been eaten by a bear. If I don’t, then send out the search team.

On my way there I stopped through Missoula, which is a nifty little college town sort of like State College, except the businesses aren’t right next to the school – you have to walk through 4 blocks of residential neighborhood to get to them. On this day I think it was new student orientation, because everyone on campus seemed to be high school age. Either that, or I’m getting older faster than I thought.

Montana’s mascot is the grizzly. They have a grizzly statue in front of their old main building. Notice the giant M on the hillside in the background. Rolling Stone rated the University of Montana as the most scenic campus in America, and I can’t argue with that.


I wish I had more time for Missoula because it seems like a fun place. But now it’s off to Yellowstone and Grand Teton!

One Response to Day 77: I saw a bear… statue

  1. mel kelleher says:

    i loved reading your stories here! & once again i am so sad to have missed your jaunt thru MT!! thank you for seeing & revering the beauty of our state-&-esp. for your love & respect of butte-i’m just proud to live in black eagle, often referred to as “butte’s little sister”!
    and i of course have my own special memories of all of you!! your friendliness & approachability set you apart from other bands!! so very thankful for FB making it easy to keep in touch!! all of you nave important things to do. parenthood seems to one you’re very good at!!! listen to the muses & accomplish many things-great & small!!

    i’m so happy levi didn’t end up in the mud-he chose a much better resting place! & next year there will be 2!

    i did love my trip to austin, & ACL. any trip w/the kids is good-but now i wanna go again! (not to the festival-that’s a young person’s gig) so much wonderful music, but i compare them all to the clumsy lovers!! rock on!

    wishing you much happiness,
    auntie mel

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