Day 43: L.A. has some really good yogurt

May 26, 2009


DAY 43: Hollywood, California
Miles traveled: 6,881
States visited: 20
Weather: 68, cool

I’m in Los Angeles. On the Hollywood/Beverly Hills border, to be exact. I’ll be here for the next two weeks.

For those who haven’t been following along, my friend Jason flew to Austin and accompanied me on the last leg of the trip. Now I’m staying at his place for a couple weeks before I begin the third leg of the adventure, a solo journey up the west coast towards Vancouver.

The photo above is a couple years old, from my last trip to L.A. See, I’ve barely left the house since I’ve been here. I’ve spent the past two days sitting around doing absolutely nothing, and it’s been fantastic. The time to relax and decompress was greatly needed. On this journey, I’m always having to think about where I’m headed next, where I’ll stay, and so on. It’s nice to have some time to clear my head and have absolutely no obligations.

About the only place I’ve gone so far is Toppings, a self-serve yogurt place that is my new favorite place on the planet. It’s 39 cents an ounce, so you can eat as much or as little as you like. I got a mixture of peanut butter and cookies & cream yogurts with toffee and reese’s pieces on top. I will probably be at this place every single day while I’m in L.A., even if it means skipping lunch so I can fit this into my budget.

And I walked by the place where Madonna goes (or used to go) for her Kabbalah studies.


I’ll continue to blog over the next two weeks. It will be a mixture of retrospective posts – I have a ton of good pictures that haven’t been published yet – and stories about my time here in L.A. Eventually I’ll visit the beach and check out the nightlife. I’m also planning to do some urban hiking and celebrity stalking while in town.

And finally, feel free to spread the word about this blog to as many people as you like. I’ve been very disappointed that I’m not getting any hits from Google searches. Apparently, Google and WordPress don’t like each other. I think the blog is a good read and more eyes need to see it!