Day 38: Hopi sandwiches and Mormon pizza

May 21, 2009


DAY 38: Ute, Nevada
Miles traveled: 6,196
States visited: 19 (just added: Utah, Nevada)
Weather: 93, sunny

Driving through the desert was interesting. We drove through several Indian areas, including a Navajo forest and a Hopi reservation which covers a huge section of northeast Arizona. Most of these were pretty depressing, since they contained dilapidated trailers and crumbling houses. In the town of Tuba City, we went into the Subway. There were at least 40 people there and we were the only non-Native Americans. I was rude and took a picture:


Fortunately, the $5 footlong deal still exists even in Hopi territory. Score!

We passed through the town of Colorado City, which is right on the border between Arizona and Utah. While driving around looking for someplace to eat, we quickly realized something wasn’t right. All the women and girls wore colored full-body outfits. It seemed that only Mormons lived here. We went into a pizza place called Craigo’s Pizza, and ordered a pizza from the frightened Mormon lady behind the counter. This was seriously the best pizza I’ve ever had in my life. Who knew that Mormons are pizza experts?

My hunch was right – Colorado City is one messed up town. Check out the city’s Wikipedia entry for some juicy info about how the town religious leader expelled the mayor and gave his wife and kids to someone else.

We drove through Utah briefly, stopping only for an oil change. I have nothing more to say about the state for now, but stay tuned – I’ll be visiting Salt Lake City on my way back east.

When I got hungry I snacked on tumbleweed.


Then it was into Nevada and towards Las Vegas. I-5 between Arizona and Nevada had some spectacular scenery. There were huge mountains all around – not as tall as the Grand Canyon, but this view was just as good because the mountains were right on top of us as we drove through.


I’m tired of desert driving. I hate being able to see 30 miles of road ahead of me at all times, it’s boring. I’m staying in Vegas until Thursday. I plan on gambling away my remaining savings. You only live once!