Day 32: Cacti and emu and open road

May 15, 2009


DAY 32: Llano, Texas
Miles traveled: 4,420
States visited: 15
Weather: 95, scorching

Last night we began the journey toward New Mexico by heading 3 hours northwest out of Austin. We traveled down a highway that offered nothing to look at except cattle ranches and cactuses (sorry – cacti.)


Most of the ranches had cows, a few had horses, a couple had donkey and one actually had emu – another new one to add to the list of animals I’ve seen on this journey.


After 90 minutes we reached the town of Llano. This town had a dam on a small river, which a lot of local kids were playing on. If I lived in Llano, I’d probably spend all my time here too.


Tomorrow we enter New Mexico. It will be my first visit to the Mountain Time Zone. I look forward to this historic moment with great anticipation.