Day 28: The title of this blog is a great big lie

May 11, 2009


DAY 28: Austin, Texas
Miles traveled: 4,149
States visited: 15
Weather: 92, sunny

The length of my original proposed trip was approximately 9000 miles but as I’ve been revising and expanding, it will now cover at least 16,000 miles. I’m not going to rename the blog, though. It will just have to remain inaccurate.

I’m in Austin visiting Dan and Andy, friends who used to live in Pittsburgh. My friend Jason has also arrived from L.A. We will be spending the next two weeks together traveling back to his homebase in California.

This second leg of the journey is the one I didn’t plan out at all. We’ll just go wherever we please. And hopefully we won’t run out of water while in the desert. For those following along at home, here’s one possible path we could take, if we opt for a northern route to see the Grand Canyon and Vegas. The southern route is also an option, however. We’ll decided later which to take.


We’ll be in Austin until Wednesday and I’ll probably hold off writing about the city until our time here is done. I can tell you, based on last night, that drinks here are the cheapest I’ve ever seen anywhere, so there will most likely be lots of good spirits during the next couple of days.