Day 16: I’d rather be at the beach

April 29, 2009


DAY 16: Pensacola, Florida
Miles traveled: 2,910
States visited: 10 (just added: Florida)
Weather: 82, breezy

Wait, I am at the beach!

I love the beach. Yesterday was one of those days that I feel fortunate to be on this trip. It was a Tuesday morning in late April. I should’ve been sitting behind a desk in an office somewhere, but instead I was at the beach in Pensacola, feeling the ocean breeze and hearing the crashing waves.


There weren’t many people there, probably because it was a Tuesday morning in late April. The red flag was up so I couldn’t play in the water. I read that two days ago, lifeguards had to pull 28 people out of the water because of the strong waves. So I stayed along the shore and enjoyed the sand. I got to use the beach setting on my camera at an actual beach for the first time.


After the beach I set off for New Orleans, where I’ll be couchsurfing through Thursday morning. I’m expecting a memorable adventure in that city. Stay tuned!