Day 3: All the little ants are marching


DAY 3: Charlottesville, Virginia
Miles traveled so far: 375
States visited so far: 3

Yesterday I was in Charlottesville, Virginia.The one word to describe this town is pretty. All the streets have trees and flowers along the road.

I wanted to see this town for two reasons: One, it’s the home of the University of Virginia, and college towns are always full of life (and cheap food – I got a chicken flatbread sandwich and some chips for $2.73!) Second, it’s where the Dave Matthews Band was formed. I used to be a huge DMB fan, though my musical tastes lean more towards indie stuff like MGMT and Sigur Ros these days. Unfortunately, the bar where DMB performed their first shows back in the early ’90s, Trax, has been demolished. That would’ve been a tourist attraction I needed to see.

Tonight I’ll be back in the western part of West Virginia, at a friend’s house near the Kentucky border.

4 Responses to Day 3: All the little ants are marching

  1. Keilan says:

    Yay! I plan to follow your blog religiously, meaning that it will guide my life and give it purpose. The pics are great. The writing is tight. What a fun adventure!

  2. Steve says:

    Trax is no more?? Oh bummer.. I saw the Ramones & Bob Mould & Gwar there. Awesome pic of the Rotunda btw!

  3. Beth says:

    My blog and Facebook profile piccies were taken in Charlottesville, at Monticello.

  4. Scott says:

    Oh, that is cool to know, Beth! By the way I am definitely planning to visit Athens.

    Thanks Keilan. My goal on this journey is to provide purpose and guidance to others, so our goals are a good match.

    Steve, I am jealous that you got to visit Trax. I guess it had a lot of history!

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