What’s this blog all about?


Last summer I got the idea of taking a few weeks off and going on a road trip. That never materialized, but I kept the idea and came up with a goal: To save enough money to be able to leave my job and travel around the country in the summer of 2009.

Originally I wanted to take a 6-month trip, which would’ve included a trek to Alaska, but that didn’t turn out to be feasible. So I scaled back to 4 months, saved as much money as possible, bought a conversion van, and here we are. My adventure starts on April 13, the day after Easter.

I’ve roughly mapped out the route I want to take but it’s very much subject to change, based on my spontaneous whims or desires (or if I run out of money – yeah, there’s that.) I plan to see at least 40 states. The map below shows my projected path. Start in Pittsburgh and follow it south.


Once on the road, I hope to provide daily updates on my whereabouts and the goings-on. For the first month, my partner in crime Robin will be joining me. We’ve taken many awesome trips together (NYC, LA, Toronto) so it will be a joy to have her along. Other folks will be joining me later in the trip at various locales.

I’ll be checking out coffee shops, thrift stores, and concerts everywhere I can, though my budget is very tight. This blog will document the awesomeness of the people and places I see along the way…

2 Responses to What’s this blog all about?

  1. 721sandwiches says:

    Looks like you have a map-pin in Philadelphia. And you’re linking to my blog. Stop by and see me, and I’ll show you how to park near horses! In the middle of a city!

    Good luck on all this traveling. I bet you have a good time.

  2. Scott says:

    That sounds interesting! I’ll look you up in Philly.

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